Official ICF World Championships

Race open to nationals teams and ICF top 40 ranking (according to ICF rules)
Please note that the Master’s races will take place during the 3 days waiting period on a different day than the Official World Championship races (U18 – U23 – Open)


Course open ouverte aux SS1 de plus de 35 ans
Race open to SS1over 35 years old




MIXED DOUBLE (SS2 - OC2) Saturday 14th

Course open SS2 & OC2 mixte plus de 16 ans
Race open to mixed SS2 & OC2 over 16 years old

Sélectif National pour les français

Fermeture des inscriptions 6 septembre
Registrations deadline september 6th

Tarif par bateau / Price per boat : 30 €


SS1 UNDER 16 - Saturday 14th

Course open SS1 pour moins de 17 ans
Race open to SS1 under 17 years old

Fermeture des inscriptions 6 septembre
Registration deadline september 6th

Tarif / Price : 6 €